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We believe sending flowers should be simple. That's why with our florist app, we've given customers and florists an innovative and refreshing way to send flowers to their friends and loved ones, no matter where in the world they might be.

Send Flowers & Gifts You Can Smile About

Sending Flowers with our App will save you money, It's faster, cheaper, safer & better value for money. By connecting direct with our local florists in the delivery area you will never pay any relay fees, service charges or pay extra for a same day delivery. By using our florist trade system your gift will be up to 40% bigger as all of your money spent goes directly to the florist that makes up and delivers your gift. 

Our florist directory was established in 2006 and is fully trusted and used daily by florists in the trade worldwide and now our App is available for anyone to download and use for Free.


A) Visit Your Local High Street Florist and Place Your Order

The flower shop will then pass your order to a relay giant who will then either find a florist in the local area or in many cases ship your order via a postal company to the area of your delivery, incurring inflated delivery charges and additional service costs, paid at the customer's expense, leaving your gift upto 40% smaller than going direct to the florist with our App.

B) Visit An Online Flower Delivery Service

Searching for florists online can be fraught with difficulties as it's often impossible to know if you are dealing with an actual florist or a flower delivery service. These agents pose as flower shops and have additional costs and fees associated with each order that you would not have to pay had you contacted the florist direct. Other concerns such as outdated search results and insecure online order systems and credit card fraud can make shopping for flowers online a costy and unpleasant experience.

C) Use Florist Exchange & Contact The Florist Who Delivers Your Flowers Direct

By contacting the florist direct through the Florist Exchange App, you'll receive a bigger gifts for less money with 100% of your cash going into your gift. You save money on unnecessary relay fees and delivery charges. with 100% of your money going direct to the florist you'll be guaranteed to get the precise flowers that you ordered and by using genuine local florists, you can be assured of a personal door to door delivery service which makes the experience all the more special for your recipient.


Florist Exchange only lists quality local florists, in their precise delivery area. This makes sending flowers & gifts through the florists found on the Florist Exchange App a breeze and an experience which you'll want to try time and time again.

Our app is packed full of over 11,800 florists with map locations, street views, examples of the individual florists work, links to their websites, and direct dial contact details social media and web links and individual florist ratings from other satisfied customers PLUS you can even share your experience within the app on your favourite social media channels to let others know about how you found using the Florist Exchange app.

If you have ever used a local flower shop to send flowers out of your area then you have probably been disappointed with the size of the gift or its interpretation. This is because florists have to use a relay agent to act as a middle man. This greatly reduces the value that the florist delivering your gift receives. By going direct to one of our listed florists you will save money on charges and get a better value gift that is exactly what you asked for. Many of the listed florists offer same day delivery at no extra charge, whereas the relay agents can charge up to £12.99 extra for this service!

Once you have experienced the benefits of using a genuine local high street florist and have seen the savings you can make first hand, we're sure you'll agree that it really is a much better way to send flowers and by using our integrated favourites list you can easily contact the florists you use the most and even share your experience on Facebook on Twitter.

Don't just take our word for it, download the free Florist Exchange app today or visit our on-line web directory at and see the difference for yourself!

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